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Harshit Prasad

Software Engineer - @Blinkit, specialising in search systems - platform, data, and reliability engineering. Loves to talk about tech, travel, anime and always ready to try and explore new things.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Harshit, and I’m glad you’ve landed on my blog! This website was created to document my journey in the tech industry, as well as share posts about other topics, such as travel and life. My goal is to become a skilled software engineer, and this site serves as a record of my progress. You’ll find a variety of content here, including my personal interests, insights on tech and travel, and notes on software engineering. I hope you enjoy your time browsing my blog!


At present, I hold the position of Software Engineer at Blinkit - a Zomato company, which is India’s Last Minute App that specializes in delivering everything within minutes. In my current role, I am responsible for developing the search systems infrastructure. My primary focus lies in ensuring the reliability of the system and enhancing the data-driven search relevance and ranking. This involves analyzing user behavior patterns, identifying correlations, and refining unstructured data to make search experiences feel effortless and seamless. With millions of user queries to process each day, my work involves building infrastructure that delivers magical search experiences.


Sharing knowledge and discussing technology is something that I truly enjoy. Whether it’s my own experiences, things to learn or avoid, or any relevant tools, I’m always eager to talk about it. In fact, I’ve had the opportunity to speak about these topics at a number of top developer conferences and regional user groups. So, if you’re interested in discussing technology and learning from each other, you can often find me at these events.


I completed my Bachelors degree (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering at LNM Institute of Information Technology in Jaipur, India. During my time there, I focused on coursework related to various topics, including Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering, and Telecommunication Systems.


My strengths are: good team player, excellent coordinating, communication and organizational skills and a wide range of technical skills. I’m interested in solving problems concerning software engineering, architecture and its application. Overall my skills summary looks like this:

  • Language: Python, Go.
  • Tools: Kubernetes, Docker, Kibana, Grafana, Jenkins.
  • Database: Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI, Echo.
  • AWS: Opensearch, S3, SQS, Aurora, EC2, SNS, Cloudwatch.
  • Data Streaming: Kafka.


Harshit Prasad
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