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Harshit Prasad

Senior Software Engineer - @Blinkit, specialising in search systems - platform, data, and reliability engineering. Loves to talk about tech, travel, anime and always ready to try and explore new things.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Harshit and welcome to my blog! I started this site to tell the story of my tech journey. Apart from tech, I will be posting blogs related to tech, travel, life, etc. I aspire to become a good software engineer. There is still a long way to go, and this site records my progress. Here, you’ll find some of my life hobbies, tech-work, travel-insights, and notes on software engineering. I hope that you’ll spend a nice time here, feel free to look around!


I’m currently working as Senior Software Engineer at @Blinkit, India’s online grocery unicorn focusing on groceries delivery in minutes. Currently, I am building search systems infrastructure here - mostly I take care of reliability engineering and data driven search relevance and ranking. This involves mining patterns, correlating behaviour, polishing unstructured data into gems and building the infrastructure that make search experiences feel magical and seamless to process millions of user queries on a daily basis.


I enjoy talking about the technology and sharing knowledge. It can be related to anything - tech learnings, mistakes to avoid, experience, tooling, etc. You can find me talking about the these things at many of the top developer conferences and regional user groups.


I obtained my Bachelors degree (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from LNM Institute of Information Technology - Jaipur, India, where my coursework was mostly around Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering and Telecommunication Systems.


My strengths are: good team player, excellent coordinating, communication and organizational skills and a wide range of technical skills. I’m interested in solving problems concerning software engineering, architecture and its application. Overall my skills summary looks like this:

  • Language: Python, Go.
  • Tools: Kubernetes, Docker, Kibana, Grafana, Jenkins.
  • Database: Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI, Echo.
  • AWS: Opensearch, S3, SQS, Aurora, EC2, SNS, Cloudwatch.
  • Data Streaming: Kafka.


Harshit Prasad
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