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Software Engineer - @blinkit, all about search systems - data and infrastructure stuff. Loves to talk about distributed systems and open source.

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My fourth international tech talk in Pycon Dubai 2023.

My fourth and first tech conference as speaker in person (finally!). PyCon MEA (Middle East & Africa) 2023 happens every year in Dubai. This conference was part of Global DevSlam under GITEX Tech conference. It happens every year where the focus is to build a Python community in Middle-East region. Here, in this conference I gave a similar talk on platform engineering highlighting about reliability, observability driven development and driving the culture for the same in an organization.

Take Away Points

  • Prepare 1-2 months before the conference.
  • Make sure your talk should cover unique content.
  • In person, make sure to get your system checked before talk on T-1 day.

This year was really good. Glad to be part 2 PyCon conferences. More to come next year!