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Software Engineer - @blinkit, all about search systems - data and infrastructure stuff. Loves to talk about distributed systems and open source.

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My first international tech talk in Pycon Sweden 2020.

It was fun and I learnt a lot how to present my learnings in a conference talk. Explained a lot of things related to search and how they can be solved using Elasticsearch and Python. Elasticsearch is one of the famous service built over the Apache Lucene (Open Source Search Engine written in Java) and powers up the search in numerous applications. It’s a real-time based distributed search system. Python is an excellent language to write a production-ready search engine using Elasticsearch in very less time. In this talk, I discussed about how data indexing, retrieval of documents and document scoring (or boosting) works and can be implemented using Python.

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/harshit98/Personalized-Search

Take Away Points

  • Prepare 1-2 months before the conference.
  • Make sure your talk should cover unique content.
  • Audience don’t want to hear what they already know from internet.
  • Reserve 5 mins at the end of your talk. Interact with audience at the end via Q/A session.

In my upcoming blogs in “#Talks” category, I’m planning to give more talks in international conferences. I will be writing my experience and learnings more in detail. Stay tuned!